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Stair Tread Adhesives

Selling Stair Tread Adhesives for the past 35 years.

Stair Tread Adhesives for Rubber Stair Treads, Vinyl Stair Treads Stairwell Landing Tiles, Grit Tape and Entrance Mats

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  1. $36.63
    SKU: 110EPOXY

    Epoxy Stair Nose Caulk is recommended for all Stair Tread installations; Nose Caulk is necessary when installing Adjusta-Nose treads or when the step nosing is broken, worn or rounded. This two-part Epoxy Caulk will fill voids at the nose of the step and give needed support underneath the stair tread nose. Nose Caulk can also be used to repair the top surface of the step. Two-part mixture in quart units (mixing instructions on label) or in 13.5 oz. Dual-Cartridge, for use with our professional Dual-Cartridge Dispenser. Dual-Cartridge saves time, labor, mess and cleanup as caulk mixes in nozzle as it is dispensed. Dual-Cartridge yields approx. 50 lin. ft. of 1/4" bead; quart unit yields approximately 75 ft. Enviromental Friendly!

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  2. $25.66
    SKU: 300ADH

    A non-solvent based alternative to install rubber and vinyl stair treads and cove risers to concrete, wood, terrazzo, metal or marble. One gallon covers 75 lineal feet of stair treads (brush on back of tread and step). Ready to use in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 4 gallon containers.

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  3. $16.62
    SKU: AT327

    Stair Tread Installation Tape

    Speeds installation of vinyl stair treads without the mess! Tape is sold in 3" wide rolls of 27 feet.

    We recommend two strips of tape per tread. One on the nose and one at the back. As an example for the 36" tread you would need 72" or 6' of tape.

    see attached file for installation instructions.

  4. $25.83
    SKU: 400AHD

    For bonding to all Disc-O-Treds, Rubber Stair Treads or Koroseal Vinyl Stair Treads to concrete, pan filled, wood, metal, marble and terrazzo steps. A rapid drying, long range contact cement; specially formulated for Musson stair coverings. Brush on application; use on back of treads and back of nosing. Contains solvents, extremely flammable. 1 gallon covers 75 lineal feet of stair treads (brush on back of tread and step). Ready to use in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.

    If ordering the gallon or 4 gallon pail, it will ship via freight truck. If you would prefer something that ships Fed Ex Ground, please order the 300 Stair Tread Adhesive HERE.

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  5. $42.16
    SKU: 560

    For installing Rubber Floor Tiles or Rolls over suitable on-grade dry concrete floors, suspended concrete floors, or suspended wood floors. May also be used with sanded back molded rubber stair treads. Not recommended where excessive moisture exists; Non-Carcinogenic; Non-Toxic; safe for the environment and freeze thaw stable. See label for complete instructions. Ready to trowel in 1 gallon or 4 gallon cans. Covers 150 square feet per gallon.

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  6. $110.88
    SKU: 775EPOXY

    775 Two Part Epoxy Flooring Adhesive

    The only recommended adhesive for use with Disc-O-Tile. May be used with other rubber stair treads, tile and flooring. Because of flame spread properties, other adhesives will not bond Disc-O-Tile to the floor. A two-part solvent-free adhesive; contains 1 can Part A 1 can Part B, and a stirring paddle. Covers approximately 150 square feet per unit. Enviromental Friendly!

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  7. $0.00
    SKU: GSA3

    Use adhesive where Grit Strip is applied to porous surfaces such as wood or concrete. Grit Strip adhesive is recommended as a sealer; will give a better, longer lasting bond. Recommended application temperature is 60 degrees and above. One quart covers approximately 50 square feet (single coat) of Grit Strip; available in quart and pint units.

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  8. $67.93
    SKU: TT390

    Adhesive specifically designed for the TT-12 Fluff Cord Tile.

    1 gallon covers approximately 100 square feet

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  9. $72.93
    SKU: 320ADH


    A special latex emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for installation of modular carpet tiles or carpet matting. Adhesive is non-flammable, water resistant and has excellent resistance to vinyl plasticizer migration. Adhesive remains tacky for an extended period - allows tile to be picked up and replaced without affecting adhesive. Remove tiles from floor more easily than with conventional adhesives, simplifying reinstallation of tile sections or a complete area.

    Covers 200 to 300 square feet per gallon
    Sold in 1 or 4 Gallon Pails

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