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Use 300 Vinyl Stair Treads, 334 Vinyl Stair Treads, and 355 Vinyl Stair Treads
for Light Commerical and Residential Applications.
Use 375 Vinyl Stair Treads, GS365 Vinyl Stair Treads, and 400 Vinyl Stair Treads
for Commercial Applications.

The shipped treads are usually about 3/8" or more wider than advertised.  So a 36" tread will actually be about 36-3/8" wide, so you can fit them in the field.

Make sure you click on the Vinyl Stair Tread Image or Text for more dimensional and
pricing information.

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  1. Vinyl Stair Treads 375 Series Medium Duty


    Medium Duty is miss leading on this vinyl stair tread. The 375 is very heavy duty designed for many years Ideal for use in apartments, urban renewal housing, housing for the elderly and housing projects. Lower initial cost, ease of installation and cleaning, and long service appeals to owner and builder.


    375 Koroseal vinyl rib design stair treads; 3/16" thick, 12" deep, 1-1/4" square (or curved) nose; contain no asbestos fiber; made of first quality homogenous vinyl, color throughout thickness; free from imperfections which might lessen serviceability. Meets Fed. Specs. RR-T-650E Type B. Select standard length of 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 72", 84" or 96". Select standard solid color of Brown, Sand, Gray, or Black.

    As low as $12.74
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