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  • Stair Treads
    & Carpet Runners
    We carry all sizes and types of stair treads, carpet
    runners and flooring options for Commercial and Residential use.
  • Rubber Stair Treads
    for All Applications
    We have rubber stair treads for Outdoor,
    Commercial and Residential applications.
  • Eco Friendly
    Stair Treads
    We carry outdoor Rubber Stair Treads
    made from 100% recycled tires.
  • Wide Variety
    of Carpet Runners
    We can supply carpet runners in a variety
    of colors along with an optional logo.
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12.07 $12.07
1/8" thick, 12" x 12", smooth surface. Top quality smooth surface rubber floor tile. Colors match stair covering materials; extend
5.6 $5.60
VINYL STAIR TREADS 300 SERIES ECONOMY This is a very good stair tread, but not one of our favorites. The nose on this vinyl stair tread
23.33 $23.33
A non-solvent based alternative to install rubber and vinyl stair treads and cove risers to concrete, wood, terrazzo, metal or marble. One
4.05 $4.05
VINYL STAIR TREADS 334 SERIES LIGHTWEIGHT ECONOMY Ideal for residential and light commercial applications. This is one of our favorite
7.34 $7.34
VINYL STAIR TREADS 355 SERIES DESIGNED FOR 2 X 12'S This is another of our favorites. This vinyl stair tread features a longer nose, so
9.53 $9.53
VINYL STAIR TREADS 375 SERIES MEDIUM DUTY Medium Duty is miss leading on this vinyl stair tread. The 375 is very heavy duty designed for
16.13 $16.13
VINYL STAIR TREADS 400 SERIES HEAVY DUTY Our heaviest duty vinyl stair tread. At 1/4" thick at the nose it will last the longest of all
4.38 $4.38
VINYL STAIR TREAD 405CR SERIES COVED RISERSThe 405CR Coved Riser is used for the back of the step, on the riser. Though they are not
61.84 $61.84
Rubber Stair Treads 500 Series Rectangular Design Our heaviest gauge molded rubber stair tread; exclusive rectangular design—for safety,
27.69 $27.69
Rubber Stair Treads 505CR Coved Riser 5/8" toe fits flush on top of the treads. 1/8" Thick .Select standard lengths of 36", 42", 48",
59.64 $59.64
7/32" thick, 24" x 24", 3/4" raised square blocks pattern. Color Chart
55.1 $55.10
Rubber Stair Tread 787 Series Heavy Duty Raised DiscA new design nose - easily adjusts to steps with angle nosings between 90° and 60°;
43.24 $43.24
Rubber Stair Treads 800 Series Lo-DiscOur Lo-Disc Rubber Stair Tread has the ever popular round disc design in a lighter gauge stair

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