About RB Stair Treads

50 years of service in the industryWe carry rubber, aluminum and vinyl stair treads from big name stair tread manufacturing brands. At RBA Stair Treads, we offer stair treads and other related products for use in residential or commercial spaces. Many of the stair tread products that we carry were originally manufactured with safety in mind, which can save individuals from potential accidents.

One popular product we sell is the matting to stand on when working or entering a building. We carry anti-fatigue mats that are comfortable to stand on and can help prevent slip and fall accidents. These mats are commonly used in restaurant food prep areas.

Robert Brooke And Associates has experienced healthy growth since its start in 1970 as a locker hardware distributor. We have had the privilege of broadening our hardware selection and are now focused on selling a wider range of products. RB Stair Treads is a result of this expansion.

RB Stair Treads Location Information

Our main office is located in Troy, Michigan, but we will ship stair treads, carpet runners, landing tiles and more of our stair tread parts across the U.S. and Canada. We can also ship your order of stair tread products overseas.

We are constantly making room in our sizeable warehouse to stock up on more products and we even take in new inventory when we find a well-respected brand to distribute products from. Many of the products that we sell on RB Stair Treads are currently in stock and ready to ship out from our 8,500 square-foot warehouse.

Contact RB Stair Treads Associates

Contact us by phone at (800) 642-2403 on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Ask us any questions you have pertaining to the stair treads, carpet runners, mats, grit tape or landing tiles that we carry. With over 45 years of stair tread industry experience, our company is the stair tread distributor that you can count on.

RB Stair Treads distributes top-of-the-line products that can be installed in restaurants, athletic centers, schools, offices or in your home. Our team members are focused on presenting you with quality stair treads, mats and related products to keep your home or business in the best shape and in safe conditions.

Our skilled professionals have the know-how to answer your stair tread questions accurately. We will work closely with you and see to it that you receive the correct stair tread products that you require in your home or business.