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  1. Carpet Protecting Clear Vinyl Gripper Mat

    Keep carpeting like new, yet see the colors. Clear Vinyl with molded-in grippers on the underside ot each square foot of ribbed area; anchors into most tufted, loop or woven carpets. Stays in position better than smooth back runners. Angular ribbed surface with clear feathered edge border. Wipes clean, heels won't puncture.

    For use on commercial, industrial, institutional or residential carpeted floors. Available in 60 ft. rolls or cut to exact length desired.

    Prices shown below are per linear foot

    As low as $7.05
  2. Electrical Switchboard Runner Mat - sold by the Foot

    Standard narrow corrugated surface is completely tested through- out. Conforms to ANSI/ASTM D178 J6.7 Type II Class 2. Stays in place, is slip resistant. With care, lightweight carts can be used over this runner.

    Meets Dielectric Test Volt, RMS AC 30,000; Proof Test Volt, RMS AC 20,000. Recommended maximum use Volt, RMS AC 17,000.

    Fully meets ASTM specifications branded on back. Black color only. Available in standard rolls or cut to exact length desired.

    Sold by the foot

  3. Runner Matting - Easy Sweep Rib Vinyl

    Non-fading superior aging properties make this oil, grease, chemical and stain resistant matting a popular item. Non-combustible; tear, cut, impact and ozone resistant; high tensile strength and elongation properties; single piece rolls. Use inside or outside. Round ribbed corrugations run lengthwise, easily cleaned with soap and water.


    Pricing below is per linear feet, Black Only

    As low as $6.92
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